//Four reasons why Madeira is the wellness capital of Europe

Four reasons why Madeira is the wellness capital of Europe

Whether it’s yoga in the forest or being buried (up to your neck) in healing sands, Madeira is the perfect place to revitalise body and soul

The beautiful island of Madeira, which is about three-and-a-half hours from the UK, benefits from a subtropical climate which, coupled with a relaxed European way of life, makes for an enriching experience. It’s the perfect blend of nature, nurture and good times. Here are some of our favourite wellness based activities on this beautiful island. 

Yoga in the Laurissilva Forest

There are few spots in Madeira that offer the chance to get your chakras in check like Laurissilva Forest. The yoga classes, which take place on the forest plateau, are located above the clouds, so prepare for uninterrupted sun salutations. Sessions take place among the trees and are soundtracked by birdsong. Is there anything more zen than that? 

Walk in the Monte Palace Tropical Gardens

These beautiful gardens, which have only been open to the public since 1991, were previously part of an 18th century luxury hotel. They are full of beautiful spots that have been inspired by gardens from around the world, and include calming features such as oriental temples, Buddha statues and Koi carp – it also contains a some incredible Portuguese tiles, which are worth the tour alone.

Get buried in healing sand on Porto Santo Island

The sands on Porto Santo Island, a ferry ride away from Madeira, are said to have healing properties. Check yourself into a spa on the island and book yourself a psammotherapy treatment where visitors are buried to the neck in the mineral rich sand. The PH of your sweat in turn releases the magnesium, calcium and strontium of the Porto Santo sand while you doze away. Once the treatment is over, the sand is washed off to reveal smooth, silky skin.

Hiking through the clouds

Is there anything better for clearing your head than a walk through a lush, green forest, or through the mountains? Madeira is full of incredible hikes – from those that take walkers high above the island’s capital to those that wind through the peaks that rise high up above the island.