//Travel industry can plant trees while sending Christmas cards

Travel industry can plant trees while sending Christmas cards

Tree-planting organisation Trees4Travel has launched a new initiative for travel industry professionals to plant trees at the same time they send their Christmas cards this year.

With each digital Christmas card sent, a tree will be planted in the developing world. The recipients of the card can follow the progress of the planting projects and Trees4Travel will match each card purchased (£3.50 including VAT) with an equal investment in renewable energy projects.

According to the organisation’s website, ‘forest restoration is overwhelmingly more powerful than all of the other climate change solutions’. It offers carbon offsetting for travel, focusing on one forest at a time, with each tree being planted costing the same price as a coffee.The website also offers guidelines on how many trees you should buy for each activity: one tree for a return train journey from London to Paris, for example, or six trees for a week’s holiday in Cancun from New York.

​ABTA recently held a webinar on decarbonising tourism, at a time when climate change is at the top of the industry agenda. COP26 has just taken place in Glasgow and new research by Booking.com shows that 70 per cent of UK travellers expect the industry to offer more sustainable options. It has launched a sustainable travel badge initiative in response, highlighting hotels that perform well in five key sustainability areas: waste, energy and greenhouse gases, water, supporting local communities and protecting nature.