//Holidaysplease to waive joining fee for agents made redundant
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Holidaysplease to waive joining fee for agents made redundant

Agents who have faced or are facing redundancy will have their joining fee waived from Holidaysplease

In a bid to help out those who have been impacted by job loss, homeworking agency Holidaysplease have announced that the usual joining fee of £387 for agents will not apply to anyone who has been made redundant.

With the furlough scheme coming to an end on September 30, the travel agency sector is expecting to see a rise in upcoming redundancies, with Holidaysplease’s initiative coming in time for this.

Cat Reeves, brand and business growth executive at Holidaysplease, said: “We have a lead pool which is overflowing and we need some great experienced travel agents to service our loyal customers.

“Holidaysplease said from the start of the pandemic that it wants to not just survive, but thrive and push forward and grow.

“Our recovery is well under way and August has been even better. Holidaysplease is lucky and humbled to be in a position of business growth and would like to hold a ray of light out to any experienced agents who are facing difficult times.

“We want to push our business forward and see this as an opportunity for us to snap up some of the most skilled people in the industry.

“We work on commission-only, so the more an agent can put in the more they get out.

“We have agents who are happy with a commission-based salary around £25,000 and those who are earning triple figures.”

The agency is based in Birmingham and currently has 90 members of staff working from home across the country, with an aim to reach over 110 workers in the next year.

Unlike other homeworkings agencies, Holidaysplease has no monthly fees, Cat also added.

For agents to apply, they need a minimum of two years of travel sales experience, with knowledge and experience with long-haul luxury being a bonus, but not essential.