//Canada added to green list

Canada added to green list

Thailand and Montenegro added to red list

Seven destinations, including Denmark and Canada, have been added to the government’s green list in the latest update to the traffic light system.

The other destinations to be added were Finland, the Azores, Lithuania, Switzerland, Liechtenstein. No countries were added to the amber list while Thailand and Montenegro were added to the red list..

The changes will come into effect from 4am on Monday August 30.

Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive of ABTA – The Travel Association said: “The latest travel update provides some stability to international travel as well as reassurance for holidaymakers heading off to popular holiday destinations over the coming weeks.

“The Government now needs to focus its attention on sorting out some of the structural issues that are stopping people travelling and delaying the industry’s recovery. The UK may be leading the way on the vaccine rollout but it is lagging behind other countries when it comes to opening up international travel and making it easy for people to travel. The Government can and should do more to capitalise on the successful vaccine roll out in the UK – our neighbours across the channel have been able to travel without restriction for quite some time if they have been double vaccinated. The expensive testing regime is putting people off taking a holiday overseas and is unnecessarily onerous when people are returning from low-risk countries.

“We also need the Government to recognise the impact the pandemic has had on travel businesses and support them in the industry’s recovery. Travel agents, tour operators and travel management companies haven’t had access to the same level support as other industries yet their opportunity to trade their way out of the crisis remains severely restricted by the Government. The end of furlough is a real worry for many companies and the Government needs to provide financial support for the sector.”

Julia Lo Bue-Siad, CEO Advantage Travel Partnership added: “Yet again another traffic light review ending in utter disappointment with Turkey staying on the Red List and destinations which are not significant volume destinations making it onto the Green List. Of those destinations added only Finland and the Azores are open to all visitors without restrictions.

“There  has never been a positive cumulative effect from the traffic light system which makes it almost impossible for travel agents to trade their way into recovery. The system is akin to robbing Peter to pay Paul which benefits no one. It is vital that Government minsters make informed decisions in collaboration with industry experts or we will see business failures by the end of the year as any support dries up. The Government must recognise that its damaging travel policies are deconstructing an industry on the precipice.”

Sam Ballard is a director and co-founder of Waterfront Publishing, creator of ABTA Magazine, Cruise Adviser, Solus and more.