//Out now: the November issue

Out now: the November issue

ABTA Magazine relaunches digital edition in an interactive format

The November issue of ABTA Magazine, the first in a new interactive digital format, is out now.

Since (the first) lockdown began and offices shut, we have been dropping our print edition, leaving us with a digital version that doesn’t quite bring our editorial to life. So, we’ve gone back to the drawing board.

This new technology allows us to create something that combines the best of print with the best of online – that is, a sleek and minimalist design with interactivity and functionality.

We are now able to utilise copy, images, video, audio and animations within the frame of individual issues, allowing us to present information in an easy-to-read, enjoyable and quite unique way.

Read the November issue of ABTA Magazine here

Time to look ahead

There have been more than a few false dawns, beginning with the travel corridors in July. Since the first connections were established, each Thursday has brought anger, confusion, disappointment and, yes, occasionally hope. The government, finally, seemed to be embracing a more regionalised approach (as ABTA has repeatedly called for) with the addition of the Canary Islands, but then came the removal of Cyprus. And then the curtain came down entirely as the government announced a second national lockdown.

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As Henry Smith MP, chairman of the all-party parliamentary group for the Future of Aviation, put it, the travel ban “is another serious blow to the already beleaguered aviation, travel and tourism industries, its employees and the communities who rely on them”. Julia Lo Bue-Said, chief executive of the Advantage Travel Partnership, was even stronger in her words, warning the restrictions will “crucify” the travel industry. Now, even more so than before, urgent support is needed to help businesses across the industry survive the winter. While the extension of the furlough scheme is welcome, much more is needed – with refunds once again set to dominate staff time. In this issue, we detail the demands from the Save Future Travel Coalition, plus bring together all the latest news and analysis from ABTA and the wider industry.

Before the lockdown was announced, a glimmer of hope was beginning to emerge – with the belatedly formed Global Travel Taskforce and large strides forward in terms of testing. While it’s hard to stay positive at this moment in time, we are taking this opportunity to look ahead to the new year when, if lockdown has been successful and testing has been properly rolled out, pent-up demand may finally translate into much-needed revenue. We consider the various elements that are coming together, albeit slowly, across the industry, from aviation to escorted touring, cruise to golf and look at what that means for the all-important peaks.

We hope you enjoy reading – and keep safe.