//Switzerland off travel corridors list

Switzerland off travel corridors list

Latest round of amends sees three countries removed and one added.

Travellers from Jamaica, Switzerland and Czech Republic must now quarantine for 14 days after they were removed from the travel corridors list.

However, Cuba has been added to the list. The changes come into effect as of 4am on Saturday.

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) now advises against all but essential travel to Jamaica, Switzerland and Czech Republic.

Unusually, Cuba was already exempt from the FCO advice against all non-essential international travel – but was not previously on the travel corridors list.

This is the latest round of amendments to be made to the Department for Transport and Foreign Office. Critics say the regular changes are undermining confidence in travel and negatively impacting the travel industry.

ABTA has revealed that 90,000 jobs have either been lost, or are at risk, in the travel industry and its supply chain since the global pandemic began.

Last week, Portugal was added to the travel corridors list, but at the same time, the government announced that AustriaCroatia and Trinidad & Tobago were removed from the list.

Portugal is now also exempt from Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) advice against all non-essential international travel, but Austria, Croatia and Trinidad & Tobago are not.

These changes were preceded by the removal of France, the Netherlands, Malta, Monaco, Turks & Caicos and Aruba.

Revealing more details behind the government’s thinking, transport secretary Grant Shapps said the decision considered:

  •  the estimated prevalence of Covid-19 in a country
  •  the level and rate of change in the incidence of confirmed positive cases
  •  the extent of testing in a country
  •  the testing regime and test positivity
  • the extent to which cases can be accounted for by a contained outbreak as opposed to more general transmission in the community
  •  government actions
  • and other relevant epidemiological information

An ABTA spokesperson said: “Today’s addition of the Czech Republic, Jamaica and Switzerland to the Government’s quarantine list, and the FCO advisories against all but essential travel to those countries, will have upset the travel plans of many customers, and added to the difficulties of their travel organisers.
“As long as quarantine remains the principal strategy in the Government’s containment of Covid-19, the travel industry will continue to suffer. Given the rapid change in infection rates in different areas, it is vital the government moves as quickly as possible to assess risk on a regionalised, not whole-country basis. Only by doing this will we be able to minimise the impact on consumer confidence to book and to travel, and minimise the impact on an industry that has already seen 90,000 livelihoods affected.”