//New horizons: The Seychelles Islands

New horizons: The Seychelles Islands

With its exceptional climate and sublime beauty, Seychelles is the perfect holiday destination where you can do everything or nothing.

The Seychelles archipelago consists of 115 islands scattered across the western Indian Ocean; 115 islands of pristine beauty unaltered since the dawn of time. Islands where magnificent granite boulders, among the oldest on Earth, flank powder-soft beaches often rated among the most beautiful on the planet.

It is a token of the richness of its amazing ecosystems that Seychelles has not one, but two Unesco World Heritage sites: the legendary Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve, unchanged since prehistoric times, and Aldabra, the world’s largest raised coral atoll. 

With its exceptional climate –  temperatures average 29°C all year round – Seychelles is ideal for island-hopping. Discovering them is like discovering the members of a majestic, ancient family, each with its own personality and history. Together they form another world, one of calm, harmony and sublime beauty that offers a wide range of accommodation from luxurious five-star hotels to enchanting beachside bungalows.

Seychelles is the perfect place to do everything or absolutely nothing. It is the perfect destination for relaxing to the soothing rhythms of nature, or choosing one of the many types of more energetic, sports-orientated holidays on offer. If diving, sailing, fishing, island-hopping or ecotourism is your thing, the islands have what you need. Or, if you want a spa to recharge your batteries and liberate your mind, there is a wide choice of those, too.

Few people would deny that these islands of love are the ideal settings for weddings, honeymoons or romantic getaways. The combination of unrivalled natural beauty and the Seychellois’ warm welcome guarantees the holiday of a lifetime.

There is a wide choice of accommodation, from world-class establishments through to more affordable small hotels to family guesthouses and
self-catering units for a first-hand experience of the prized island lifestyle

Visiting Seychelles is to enter the home of a large family with roots in all
four corners of the globe. Here, where harmony is a way of life, visitors will find a vibrant culture that is the product of over two centuries of intermingling and exchange; a mix of African, European and Asian influences that is reflected in the country’s music, dance, culture and architecture and in its cuisine, one of the most mouth-watering anywhere. It’s a place like no other; another world. 

Reasons to choose Seychelles

1. Unique flora and fauna
Seychelles’ remoteness from its neighbours has endowed it with over 1,000 species of endemic flora and 75 of endemic fauna.

2. Carefully controlled tourism
Despite the building of new hotels, the islands are so varied and diverse that Seychelles can still play host to private resorts and exotic hideaways without damaging its environment. (Buildings are not allowed to be taller than the surrounding palm trees and hotels must be set back from turtles’ nesting beaches.)

3. Perfect climate
Seychelles has a pleasant tropical climate all year round: as the country is outside the cyclone belt, there are no extremes. The temperature rarely falls below 24°C or exceeds 34°C – the average temperature of the air is 29°C and the water is 27°C. From October to March the trade winds blow from the north west and the sea is generally calm, with temperatures typical of a warm tropical climate. From December to January the weather is a little warmer and humid and from May to September the trade winds blow from the south east and the weather is generally drier and less humid, with slightly lower temperatures (26°C) and choppy seas, particularly on the south-eastern coasts.

4. No visa needed
Whatever the nationality of visitors, or of members of their family, no visa is needed to enter Seychelles. All that is required is a valid passport.

5. There’s only a small time difference
Seychelles is only two hours ahead of continental Europe in summer and three hours in winter. 

6. Malaria free
With the archipelago free from infectious diseases, no vaccinations are required except, when your client is combining a stay in Seychelles with one in Africa (other than South Africa), vaccination against yellow fever.

7. Endless deserted beaches
Visitors, whether lovebirds or family travellers, all agree: Seychelles’ beaches are breathtakingly beautiful. Of the world’s 10 most beautiful beaches, seven are reputed to be in Seychelles.

8. Two Unesco World Heritage sites
Nature being omnipresent, Seychelles strives to preserve its bounty intact. Every Seychellois is proud of this natural heritage and nature reserves account for 50 per cent of the country’s land area and it boasts not one, but two Unesco World Heritage sites: the Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve and the Aldabra coral atoll.

9. World-class fishing and diving
For the sports lovers and explorers among your clients, the archipelago offers the whole range of fishing thrills and the exceptional underwater environment of its mix of granite and coral islands.

10. The charm of the Seychellois
In Seychelles, hospitality is not an empty word. Thanks to their colourful and harmonious mix of nationalities, the Seychellois are always discreet and considerate of their guests. A warm welcome is their keynote and they will be proud to help your clients discover our islands, another world.

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