//Gold Medal and Travel 2 merger proposed

Gold Medal and Travel 2 merger proposed

Dnata begins staff consultation about restructure.

Dnata Travel Group has proposed the merging Travel 2 and Gold Medal, which would see it close its Glasgow office.

The company is to begin a formal consultation with staff about a restructure of the business.

Under the proposals, Gold Medal and Travel 2 would come under the single brand Gold Medal, with the sub-brands Pure Luxury, Cruise Plus and Incredible Journeys remaining.

The merger, if accepted following a 45-day consultation process, will see the centralisation of all operational, marketing and management functions in Dnata’s head office in Leyland.

Chief executive John Bevan said: “The need for us to improve the efficiency of our organisation, create and build on synergies, simplify processes and reduce duplications has been evident to us for some time, and was the subject of a review we started late last year.

“However, we now find ourselves faced with an unprecedented set of circumstances that have forced us to accelerate the implementation of that review’s conclusions, and actually go even further. It is now critical we right-size our organisation and make ourselves stronger and more focused in the delivery of exceptional travel products and services to consumers and trade partners alike as our industry rebuilds.”

Managing director Lisa McAuley said: “We believe that the proposed consolidation of Travel2 with Gold Medal, and Simply Luxury to Pure Luxury, and the retention of the Cruise Plus and Incredible Journeys sub-brands, will create a number of exciting opportunities for us and our travel agent partners, while reducing costs and complexity. It will mean we retain our market-leading position, while enabling us to be more agile and focused on what we do best.”