//Portugal gives green light to UK visitors

Portugal gives green light to UK visitors

Foreign minister wants Brits back this summer

Portugal’s foreign minister has said that Brits will be welcome back in his country this summer.

Augusto Santos Silva told the BBC that he hoped an air bridge between the UK and Portugal could be secured by the end of June.

Priti Patel, the home secretary, is expected to tell MPs later today that so-called air bridges – where two countries with low infection rates have their own travel arrangement – are a possibility for the future. However, she will also relay that the 14-day quarantine is necessary, despite pressure from the travel industry.

In an article in The Telegraph, Patel said: “The government will review these and other measures, looking at global infection rates, the measures in place around the world, and the latest scientific advances to consider further options such as international travel corridors.

“But as the prime minister has outlined, we must take it one step  at a time. We must keep the country safe from potentially infected passengers unknowingly spreading the virus to others in society and ensure that the public’s health always comes first.”