//Border quarantine plans revealed
Heathrow coronavirus testing centre

Border quarantine plans revealed

ABTA urges government to keep any measures proportionate, targeted and limited only to what is necessary.

Travellers arriving in the UK after June 8 must self-isolate for 14 days, the government has said.

Those arriving in the country will need to tell the government where they will quarantine.

Home Secretary Priti Patel said the policy would be enforced through random spot checks and £1,000 fines in England.

She said the measure would “reduce the risk of cases crossing our border”.

An ABTA spokesperson said: “Protecting public health is a priority and it’s vital to base decisions about travel on the best health and scientific advice. No-one should be in any doubt, however, that a 14-day quarantine period for all travellers returning to the UK will unavoidably put many people off travelling abroad or visiting the UK, and will therefore have a hugely damaging impact on the UK inbound and outbound tourism industries – which support hundreds of thousands of jobs in this country and have already been severely affected by the pandemic.

“It’s therefore critical that the government regularly reviews this policy – including assessing its effectiveness and how it works with other control measures. We’d also continue to urge the government to keep any measures proportionate, targeted and limited only to what is necessary and to seek a coordinated approach with destinations in the EU and beyond.

“In addition, as we enter the recovery phase it is critically important that both businesses and travellers are given clear and consistent guidance and messaging in relation to travel and tourism. This will be vital to support consumer confidence in future travel plans.”

Joss Croft, CEO, UKinbound “Imposing a 14-day quarantine on international arrivals is another blow to the UK’s struggling tourism and hospitality industry – worth £28bn per year. It’s imperative that this policy is implemented for as short a time as possible. While the highest priority for businesses across the industry continues to be the health and safety of customers and staff, we implore government to fully explore all options available such as air bridges and extensive testing, so that international tourists can return as soon as safely possible. If the 14-day quarantine measures need to be in place longer-term, our industry will need significant and extended support.”