//Shipwreck off Peristera opens to public

Shipwreck off Peristera opens to public

A 5th century shipwreck off Peristera, an island adjacent to Alonissos in the Thessaly region, will open to the public in the summer of 2020. 

“We have restarted the work of many archaeologists, won two European awards, and are proud of the ‘Parthenon of shipwrecks’, which – once fully operational – will change the image of Alonissos and of our islands,” said Kostas Agorastos, Thessaly regional governor.

“Thessaly is now entering the world tourism map, [offering] different and quality tourism. Diversity will bring [tourism] flows in the near future.”

The wreck will not just be opened up to divers – a new information centre on land will offer virtual tours as well
as simulated diving experiences.

There are four underwater museums or parks slated for opening in Thessaly’s Magnesia prefecture at Peristera, Alonissos; Tilegrafos at Sourpi Bay; Amaliopolis, Kikinthos; and at Cape Glaros, Sourpi Bay.

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