//ABTA’s safer trips for young travellers

ABTA’s safer trips for young travellers

Emily Eastman reports on ABTA’s young holidaymakers campaign

ABTA’s young holidaymakers campaign aims to inform and advise young people (aged 16–23 years old) about how to have a fun and safe holiday. In recent years there has been an increasing number of accidents and fatalities involving young people from balcony falls and falling off quad bikes and mopeds. The campaign messaging and advice highlights how looking out for each other, sticking together and taking care when on balconies goes a long way to ensure you stay safe and have fun. The campaign targets young travellers who will be visiting the popular holiday resorts in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus and Malta that are served by ABTA members. The strategy behind the campaign is to provide holistic advice about a range of health and safety matters. Much of the campaign activity has focused on reaching the target audience via social media.

ABTA has created a new advice page on its website, abta.com/tips-and-advice/staying-safe-on-holiday/advice-for-young-holidaymakers, and partnered with social media influencers to spread the message.

Influencer partners Oliver Fletcher (aka Reev) and Helena Critchley were chosen for their established audience base, high level of engagement with their followers and ability to reach young people across several different sectors. YouTube influencers Alex Brooks (aka MarzBar) and Misha Grimes have also promoted the campaign to their audiences. Follow the hashtag #funandsafeholiday on Instagram and Twitter.