//New adventure travel conference

New adventure travel conference

ABTA’s new conference looks at the trends and challenges associated with one of the fastest-growing sectors of the travel industry

ABTA is to focus on the trends and challenges of the adventure travel industry when it hosts its Adventure Travel Conference on November 19.

The event, which will be held in London, will have speakers including Giles Hawke, the CEO of Cosmos; Christopher Doyle, the executive director of the Adventure Travel Trade Association; and Lisa McAuley, the managing director for tour operations, B2B Europe at Dnata Travel Europe, Gold Medal and Travel 2.

Sessions will include defining the adventure travel industry and understanding consumers, sustainable considerations for adventure products and what destinations, experiences and activities are worth keeping an eye on.

The event comes in response to the seemingly unstoppable rise of experiential travel, with customers continuing to request more experience-led and immersive trips. A parallel rise in awareness around sustainability and responsible tourism has led to higher demand for more meaningful travel.

Clare Jenkinson, senior destinations & sustainability manager for ABTA, will also be speaking at the all-day conference.

Doyle said: “I’m encouraged to see ABTA lend specific attention to the adventure tourism sector as the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) places the UK among its top priority European markets.

“Adventure travel has not just emerged on the scene. Instead, it has experienced a rapid and consistent growth trajectory, especially between 2009, when the ATTA delivered the benchmark global adventure travel report (excluding international departures from Asia) valuing the sector at $89 billion, and 2017 when the ATTA released an updated report valuing the sector at $683 billion.”

Delegates at the event will get the chance to listen to tour guides and expedition leaders, and learn how to safeguard their businesses against the challenges facing the industry, including issues regarding sustainability and responsible travel.

Headline sponsors include Accord, Hurtigruten and Just You.

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