//ABTA advises caution over quad bike and moped rentals

ABTA advises caution over quad bike and moped rentals

Three people died on quad bikes last year alone

ABTA has advised holidaymakers to be careful when renting quad bikes or mopeds.

ABTA Members reported three fatalities involving quad bikes in 2018. There were also 50 serious incidents and 18 moped accidents last year.

There has been one quad bike fatality so far in 2019.

Nikki White, ABTA director of destinations and sustainability said: “Every year people suffer serious injuries or worse after hiring mopeds or quad bikes while on holiday. The freedom they offer can be very tempting but often riders have very little experience, and this is made even more dangerous by their lack of knowledge of local driving laws and customs and poor quality roads.

“Most standard insurance policies will not cover accidents, leaving holidaymakers at risk for high medical bills and other associated costs. ABTA’s advice is to avoid hiring mopeds and only ride a quad bike if part of a properly supervised excursion. There are always alternatives such as hiring a car, taking a taxi or using public transport.”

Julia Longbottom, director of consular services at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said: “Our consular teams around the world help a number of British people abroad every year affected by accidents on quad bikes and mopeds. Many of these have involved serious injuries and even fatalities.

“It’s essential to check that you are fully covered by your travel insurance if you do decide to hire a moped or quad bike. We also advise that people check the vehicle is in good condition before hiring it, always wear a helmet and avoid putting themselves in a situation where they could get hurt. Accidents can and do happen, even if you’re a careful driver.”

ABTA’s advice on quad bikes and moped safety

Top tips: quad bike safety
· While quad bikes may be fun to drive, they are also powerful pieces of machinery that can be extremely dangerous
· Stick to enjoying quad biking as part of an organised off-road excursion and don’t use a quad bike on public roads
· Check your insurance – you may not be covered to hire a quad bike
· Always wear a protective helmet
· Always wear appropriate clothing and footwear
· Make sure that you are provided with the appropriate training to operate the vehicle safely
· Check that the vehicle is in good condition – and do not ride it if you have any concerns
· Watch your speed
· Do not allow anyone to ride pillion
· Be aware that standard travel insurance may not cover riding a quad bike.

ABTA is advising anyone travelling abroad that there will always be safer alternatives to hiring mopeds, including hiring a car, taking a taxi or using public transport.
Be aware that standard travel insurance may not cover riding a moped.

Sam Ballard is a director and co-founder of Waterfront Publishing, creator of ABTA Magazine, Cruise Adviser, Solus and more.