//Menorca: a Biosphere Reserve

Menorca: a Biosphere Reserve

Menorca was declared a Biosphere Reserve in 1993 by Unesco in recognition of how the island balances economic activity with the use of resources, while at the same time preserving the environment, local heritage and social values; in short, aspiring to sustainable development.

Twenty-five years later, Menorca maintains today the same values that earned it that title in the first place. The island is still seen as an exceptional place, unique in the highly developed and densely populated area that is the Mediterranean.

These values are fundamental to ensure a good quality of life for the island population. They are also an undeniable attraction for visitors, at a time when authenticity, sustainability and wellbeing are components that people are seeking.

Menorca therefore has a number of factors in its favour, offering a variety of experiences for discovering the island in a healthy and respectful way:

  • A Mediterranean climate with over 300 days of sunshine a year
  • 66 per cent of the island protected
  • 220km of coastline with over a hundred coves and beaches, half of which unspoilt
  • More than 1,500 prehistoric sites
  • A historic long distance footpath around the island, 185km long
  • An extensive network of country paths and cycling routes
  • Internationally recognised crafts and manufactured products
  • Traditional farming methods
  • A rich heritage, both tangible and intangibles

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