//70% of UK agents ‘purpose orientated’

70% of UK agents ‘purpose orientated’

Agents selling responsible travel increases satisfaction, G Adventures research suggests. By Sam Ballard.

Seventy per cent of UK travel agents are “purpose-orientated”, according to research by small group specialist G Adventures.

The company, which surveyed 3,600 travel agents around the world, tested how much selling responsible travel mattered to agents.

For agents identifying as adventure specialists, this figure rises to 80 per cent.

The results found that employees who were “engaged in purpose” were 30 per cent more satisfied with their job than those who worked in other sectors.

The results also found that those individuals are 35 per cent more likely to stay in a job for more than 10 years.

Speaking to ABTA Magazine, Bruce Poon Tip, the founder of G Adventures, said: “We want to be partners with agents who create an environment that causes people to be more satisfied with their job. We want to give agencies the best tools to attract and retain the best people because ultimately that will turn into selling more.”

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Ninety-eight per cent of UK adventure specialists believe that responsible travel can be a source of positive social change.

“People in this category are 35 per cent more likely to promote their employer. When you talk about creating a movement and your culture being your brand, your best brand ambassadors are your employees,” Poon Tip added.

“The greatest ambassadors are the people who work for you and deliver on your brand promise and we want to bring travel agents in to that story with us. That’s why the Change Makers is such a big deal.

“We want to bring our greatest partners into our story to create our movement. We can be partners with retailers to help their people be happier, stay longer at work, be more satisfied.

“Even though we’re a small part of their business, we offer a little piece of the world that is transcends being in travel.”

Sam Ballard is a director and co-founder of Waterfront Publishing, creator of ABTA Magazine, Cruise Adviser, Solus and more.