//WTM 2018 event highlights: Day Two

WTM 2018 event highlights: Day Two

Our round-up of some of the noteworthy conference events at WTM London this year.


Creating a Killer Content Brand Strategy
The Digital Tourism thinktank is back once again with three sessions on how to maximise the potential of content as part of brand strategy. It will take a look at content trends, which creators are really disrupting the space and how brands are using content to create meaningful engagement with visitors throughout the visitor cycle. Tuesday 15.30-17.00, WTM Global Stage – AS1350

Challenges Ahead for the Airline Industry
As fuel prices rise and Brexit looms, aviation expert John Strickland looks at the outlook for the industry. With several recent airline failures, costs rising and competition intense, which carriers are best placed to weather the storms of winter and where do the opportunities lie? Tuesday 10.30-10.50, Middle East & Africa Inspiration Zone – AF190

2018 UNWTO & WTM Ministers’ Summit: Investment in Tourism Technology
The summit will provide a platform for tourism leaders in both the public and private sectors to share best practices and explore investment opportunities in tourism technology. The session will include a ministerial roundtable at 12pm. Tuesday 11.00-13.00, WTM Global Stage – AS1350


Wales Reimagined: Transforming Industrial Landscapes Through Tourism Innovation
Wales’s stunning natural environment has long made it a visitor attraction – but its post-industrial landscapes are also attracting attention internationally thanks to world-leading adventure and cultural attractions. Join representatives from Visit Wales, Zip World, BikePark Wales, Surf Snowdonia and National Museum Wales to find out how innovative adventure and culture experiences are helping to transform and future-proof Wales’s visitor economy. Tuesday 10.30-11.30, UKI & International Inspiration Zone – TA190

How Podcasting Can Strengthen Your Brand
In this session, you will hear about the rise of podcasting, what they can achieve for your brand, how to make your own podcast, what makes a good travel and hospitality podcast, and how to market and monetise your own recording. Tuesday 13.30-14.30, UKI & International Inspiration Zone – TA190


Unforgettable Journeys: the Science of Creating Memorable Branded Travel Content
Join BBC head of insight, Dr Hamish McPharlin, as he reveals some surprising facts on how emotion and memory work together to help you ensure that your travel brand is remembered and engaged with. Tuesday 12.00-12.45, Europe Inspiration Zone – EU80

What Can We Learn From Barcelona?
Executives and politicians from Barcelona lead a session where they will share with participants the ways in which they have attempted to tackle the challenges of overtourism in a city that resolutely avoided making scapegoats of tourists. Tuesday 12.30-13.40, Platinum Suite 4


Accelerating Smart Sustainability For Destinations
Destination representatives are invited to engage in a discussion about accelerating smart sustainability solutions, helping individual travellers and companies practise more sustainable behaviour on a large scale. This session illustrates how destinations can make headway towards a more sustainable future. Tuesday 15.30-16.00, Americas Inspiration Zone, LA360


She Trades: Empowering African Women Entrepreneurs Through Tourism
This panel brings together experienced female speakers who own tourism SMEs in Kenya and Ghana. It will focus on how women in tourism can be best supported and connected to the international market to enhance the business opportunities valuable to them and able to empower them. Tuesday 11.45-12.30, Middle East & Africa Inspiration Zone – AF190

Tourism Investing in Africa’s Future: The Gambia and Uganda
In Bwindi in Uganda, local communities are successfully developing new products for sale to tourists and increasing their incomes. Meanwhile, a new Gambian administration is promoting inclusive culture-centred tourism, utilising the untapped potential of the River Gambia, which disperses economic benefit to rural areas and extends the season. This session looks at these two places creating sustainable livelihoods for local people. Tuesday 16.00-16.30, Middle East & Africa Inspiration Zone – AF190

Middle East

New Direction for Gulf Air
Following his appointment in 2017 as CEO, Gulf Air’s Krešimir Kucko will be interviewed by director of JLS Consulting, John Strickland, about his plans to ensure a bright future for the airline. The business was once the market leader in the Gulf region but has recently struggled against heavy competition. With fleet renewal, a new network and renewed product strategy, there will be plenty to learn in this exclusive WTM interview. Tuesday 10.50-11.30, Middle East & Africa Inspiration Zone – AF190

How Are Mainstream Travel Companies and Destinations Attempting to Take Advantage of the Rise of Halal Travel?
The global halal tourism sector is growing at a fast pace and savvy mainstream travel companies and destinations are adapting how they do business to cater for Muslim travellers. We hear from industry organisations and destinations that are leading the way. Tuesday 13.00-13.45, Middle East & Africa Inspiration Zone – AF190

Asia Pacific

Responsible Tourism and China
In 2017 there were over five billion visits to tourism sites by domestic tourists, including foreigners with local visitor permits, plus 139 million international arrivals. Only seven per cent of Chinese citizens have passports yet they made 145 million overseas trips in 2017. In 2016 Chinese tourists spent $2,611million abroad, with Americans paying out just $1,236million. China has more impact on international travel and tourism than any other country. What are the prospects for responsible tourism in China and what impact will growing numbers of Chinese tourists have on the destinations they visit? Tuesday 11.00-11.45, Asia Inspiration Zone – AS1070 

The Secrets of India
India has 22 languages, over 1000 dialects and is the birthplace of four world religions – language, dress and food changes every 100 miles. Yet the world looks at travel to India as just ‘the Golden Triangle’ when it is so much more. This panel will explore the more unusual aspects of Indian tourism. Tuesday 15.30-16.30, Asia Inspiration Zone – AS1070