//ABTA 2018 theme is ‘trust’, says Tanzer

ABTA 2018 theme is ‘trust’, says Tanzer

ABTA boss sounds note of cautious optimism

The theme of the 2018 ABTA Travel Convention is trust, with the country entering a period of major technological, economic, political and social change, according to Mark Tanzer, ABTA’s CEO.

Speaking at the opening of the Seville Convention, Tanzer said that “I imagine everyone in the room is suffering from Brexit fatigue, to some degree, and would like to reach a point of clarity, at least for the medium term.

“But while politicians have argued and dithered, customers have continued to travel and to book into the future, even with the fall in the value of the pound. Indeed, ABTA’s own research tells us that Europe tops the list of destinations that people say they want to visit next year – overtaking the UK as people’s destination of choice.”

Tanzer sounded a note of cautious optimism, adding that while he believed that the “the future’ is unlikely to be paradise, there’s no reason to believe that it will be Hell, either.

“What we will see is winners and losers, at the country level, at the industry level, and at the company level.”

“If the Convention of the next couple of days has a goal, it’s to help us understand what will create winners – at every level- and how we can make sure we’re among them.
Preparedness is all, especially when the outlook is uncertain”

Sam Ballard is a director and co-founder of Waterfront Publishing, creator of ABTA Magazine, Cruise Adviser, Solus and more.