//Reassurance from government and ABTA over post-Brexit flights

Reassurance from government and ABTA over post-Brexit flights

Transport secretary Chris Grayling and ABTA have spoken out to reassure operators and holidaymakers that flights will not be disrupted by Brexit.

The move followed the publication of a Sunday Times article on an alleged leaked government warning that people should not book holidays after March 29 in a no-deal Brexit scenario.

Downing Street has dismissed the claims as “categorically untrue”. In a letter to the Association of Independent Tour Operators, Grayling said: “Both the UK and EU have a determination to retain the aviation links which bring such significant and cultural benefits for both sides.

“Indeed the UK made this clear in its technical notice on air services for flights to and from the UK published on 24 September. The EU set out its intention to ensure this outcome in the Commission communication on 13 November, and published the detail of its proposed regulations on 19 December.

“The combined reassurances from both sides should ensure that businesses and passengers can continue to book and travel with confidence.”

An ABTA spokesperon said: “The European Commission has said that even in a no-deal scenario, flights will still operate between the UK and EU, and a visa is not required.

“Abta is providing holidaymakers and travellers with advice about Brexit and travel, including on pet passports and driving licences, which can be found at abta.com/brexit.”