//TMCs play vital role in support for overseas business trips

TMCs play vital role in support for overseas business trips

Research reveals managers’ main concerns.

Research by ABTA has found that, although the majority of business trips overseas go ahead without incident, managers’ main concerns for their staff on overseas business trips revolve around potential threats to health or safety. These include potential security threats, health and medical concerns, harassment or violence against staff, natural disasters and severe weather conditions. 

The research findings emphasise the role that Travel Management Companies (TMCs) play in providing up to date information and support both pre-departure and while away.  A majority of respondents stated that in the last 12 months none of their staff had experienced any issues when travelling overseas. However, when asked ‘What are you concerned about when your staff travel abroad?’ 58 per cent of respondents stressed health and medical issues and 57 per cent of respondents stressed security threats to staff. Potential harassment or violence against staff was a concern for 35 per cent of respondents and a further 35 per cent were concerned about. ABTA.com